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Random Photos

I met our contractor at the stone place this morning and looked-over the 12x24 marble tiles for the floor and the 12x12 marble tiles for the shower. Looks good! Next, we drove to the glass place and I decided on the shower door and door hardware. Like George Bush, I am "The Decider" and it didn't take me long. I really think our contractor appreciates my decisiveness. (And I assure you, this is the only thing George and I have in common.)

Our weather has turned to crap. Rain all day. Sad thing? We are supposed to have rainy weather all week and we are hosting the tailgate on Thursday at Autzen Stadium (v Cal Berkeley) for 48 people - including a few very special guests. I think grilling burgers in the rain sounds like such a fun time! Can't wait for that.

Don't they have colleges in Hawaii? Why didn't we go there?


In other news, I have a nice photo of Lisa, Lenny & Leo:

The photo was taken yesterday afternoon in their garden... looks as if Leo is ready for the Hollywood paparazzi.

And another photo - taken quite a while before yesterday afternoon - DT in high school, posing with the cross country team. Dave is fourth from the right, hiding a bit behind his friend, Mark.

And finally...

The Chunky Monkey is already 2 months old!

Until my next update, I remain, your random correspondent.