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Rainy Friday

Indio, California: It's like we haven't left Oregon. It rained so hard in the Coachella Valley today our satellite internet was intermittent. A very rare occurrence. We had our coffee. Answered emails. Worked. Waited. Waited. Waited. And waited. At noon, DT and I headed out into the blustery day on our jogs. David ran around the RV park and I walked "around the block" - a four mile loop. It was safer today to walk. Strange thing around here - just the smallest amount of rain turns the sidewalks into a slick and slippery pedestrian hazard-way. And the fact is, I run so slowly, the difference between me running four miles and walking four miles is just a matter of minutes. I put on my iPod nano radio thing (yes, I have the ancient one-inch-square dinosaur nano), listened to NPR and had intellectual exercise of the body and mind.

As a native Oregonian, I have no troubles exercising in the rain. As a winter Palm Springs resident, I resent exercising in the rain. Locals absolutely relish this weather. The desert cries out for moisture. A rainy day to a Coachella Valley resident is nearly as exciting as a sunny August day for an Oregonian. It's all in your perspective.

In the rain, this RV resort turns into a Ghost Town. No one ventures out. The afternoon boat parades are non-existent. No one cruises around in their golf cart with a cocktail. Everyone remains inside their motorhomes. Quiet prevails.

Our departure checklist is our main priority. Camping Journal RV Log Books were restocked from my publisher. Pantry staples were restocked. Travel plans have been made. Our current departure date is Tuesday, 29 January.

Though it is pouring rain, our covered pavilion keeps us warm and dry. This evening we watched the replay of the golf from Torrey Pines while I baked marinated (miso-maple) tofu.

The baked tofu cubes were served over a bed of Jasmine rice and sauteed sesame-ginger baby bok choy.

Our salad course was the very simple recipe-not-required Sriracha Cucumber Salad.

Blew our socks off.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are about the leftover rice and baked tofu for our breakfast in the morning.

Did you know bean curd is pronounced tofu in Japan and dofu in China? Just keeping you all on your toes and prepared for that Double Jeopardy Challenge. (Remember to send half your winnings my way.)

Do y'all eat tofu? Is it a normal thing at your house? DT and I lived in Asia for so many years, it is a staple around here. Same deal at Lisa's house - Baby Leo eats it fresh and raw practically daily. Let me know your true tofu feelings in the comment section below.

Until my next update, I remain, your soggy correspondent.

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