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Rain & Repairs

TrackTown, USA: Though we only returned home (via airplane) from Los Angeles Monday, we start a several-week-long RV adventure today... which means we had a very busy Tuesday prepping the RV for this trip.

It poured rain today. Black skies and strong winds. Huge puddles had formed at our RV storage facility. I refused to get out of the car until My Driver repositioned the Honda to a more suitable jumping-off point:

#1 reason to winter in Palm Springs

We will be in Eugene for several days. DT has trustee meetings, Oregon has a football game (against Washington) Saturday evening, Brian Van De Walker (Coach Solutions) is installing new slide room awning covers and we will have our motorhome washed. 

Even if it rains, because our RV is filthy.

Our current situation

Brian also gets to deal with this little problem:

The bedroom smoke/carbon monoxide detector decided to fall off the ceiling. The metal bracket snapped.

And then, of course, Brian is checking on our erratic entry steps. The steps sometimesextend when we open the door and sometimes do not. Or... they decide to extend hours after we have set up camp. Random. This is the second time we have suffered with spastic steps and I can only imagine it won't be the last.

But the most important task is getting new covers for the slide room! After six years of wind (Indio!) and moldy rain (Eugene!) the awnings have turned into stretched-out, hole-ridden, nasty flappers - more appropriate for a pirate ship forever-lost in the Bermuda Triangle than the elegant Magna Peregrinus.

It's always something.

Brian will take the old awnings to his awning-guy and they will use the remains as templates to sew replacements. The new awnings will be installed Friday afternoon.

Something else new? After six years, we bought a new duvet cover. On sale, even. Yeah!


Until my next update, I remain, your Eugene correspondent.

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