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Quick Trip to Los Angeles

Indio, California: With all our recent travels, we had not seen the Cutest Boy Ever in nearly a month. A month is far too long - even with daily video chatting - to not wrap my arms around Little Leo.

Before heading over to the Big City, I spent a day baking like a madwoman, while DT left me in peace went golfing with a group of guys from our RV resort. We brought a loaf of whole wheat oatmeal bread, a loaf of cinnamon-raisin bread, a Marionberry tart and dinner for Wednesday and Thursday. I also squeezed 10 pounds of oranges from Borrego Springs for Lenny - that guy just loves fresh-squeeze OJ. The two bags of Valencia oranges gave up FOUR quarts of sweet delicious juice! And don't forget that frozen ready-to-bake apple pie from Julian!

We were greeted at the door with a squirming, giggling, somersaulting toddler. Leo was way-too-excited to see us as well.

Leo treated us to an ukulele "concert". 

Dave and I are exceptionally proud of our little grandson, but realize he is just a normal little 30-month-old (in the eyes of others). We were so marveled at the change in his speech over the past month. Little Guy is talking! Speaking in sentences.

And even though Leo's speech is improved, and we may not always understand the words he is singing... Leo can carry a tune like it's his job. This is a huge improvement over several of the males on either side of his Mom's family tree.

Leo can't get enough of DT. Follows him around, asks to wear his watch, wants Bubba to give horsey-rides on his knee, sits on his lap during morning coffee.

But I rule at bedtime. Leo wants me to sing him a song or two. Still loves the Janis Joplin... and though I had not rocked him to sleep for nearly a month, Little Guy still remembered every single word to each verse.

The weather in SoCal if ridiculously gorgeous. Much of the country is suffering with snow and ice storms, and we are suffering with 85-ish temperatures. We spent hours in the garden with Leo - watching him climb a tree (!) and blow soap bubbles.

It's nice to know, some things never change.

We went on a long walk, made creatures with Playdough, walked around the dining room table 157 times and played with Nemo stickers.

Oh, oops... did you want to see photos of Lenny & Lisa? Sorry. They are fabulous! Our Grandawg, Reese, is also well - Reese sleeps on the foot of our bed in the guest room when we visit.

We arrived back to our pretty campsite this afternoon and had a quiet evening.

I served BBQ Beef Sandwiches - a recipe I am working on for the March RV Goddess Newsletter.  

A few neighbors stopped by:

Rocky - our favorite Golden - loves to saunter-on-over to our campsite for a head scratch or nibble. DT always keeps treats for Rocky.

Any day now, I expect Rocky to ask to wear DT's watch.

Until my next update, I remain, your grandmotherly correspondent.

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