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Plans & Potatoes

Indio, California: A very stressful day in the resort. Perfect sun. Exercise. A manicure. A pedicure. All of this activity followed by an afternoon of NCAA hoops.

I'm not sure I can keep-up this pace much longer. Actually if this month could continue-on for a year, I would perfectly happy. All this college basketball just makes me giddy with excitement. So much pure FUN! I am slipping badly in the family tournament pool. Lenny - who I swear has not watched even one college basketball game all year - is at the top of the list. (Lenny probably had Leo do the picks.)

Our contractor delivered our "site plan" today. I will post it here for your consideration.

As I have previously written, our goal is to keep as much lawn as possible on our lot here in the Motorcoach Country Club, while building a barrier with landscaping/plants to keep passing dogs from using our grass as their bathroom... assuming Little Leo will be playing on the lawn soon. The white area on the bottom is the footprint for the Magna Peregrinus. The white area in front of the RV is lawn, sloping down to the canal.

Here is a close-up of our casita and "covered shade structure". The casita will have a full bath. The "kitchen" area will have an under-counter fridge, under-counter oven and a sink. A BBQ grill will be situated behind a half-wall (to hide it) on the far right lower side of the casita. Paved area to the right of the casita is parking for a car or golf cart. The open area to the left of the kitchen counter will hold a dining table and sofas/chairs - a place to relax out of the sun. The roof will be clay tile. The casita will be brick. Two sides of the covered shade area will be completely open, except for a few brick-covered posts. Sun shades/screens will drop-down to create "walls" when the weather is not cooperating.

We will doodle over this site plan, making a few changes. The elevation plans are coming next week - so hopefully it will all be easier to "visualize" then - I will post these plans as well.

DT and I have been eating very well (healthy) this week - after too much fun in San Diego last weekend and in anticipation of corned beef & cabbage this weekend. I made super terrific spicy potato tacos for dinner tonight. This recipe includes no meat or dairy, but I'm fairly certain no one would miss meat or dairy in these filling tacos. Potatoes are probably my very favorite food, so you can imagine how excited I am when they fill a taco!

Potato Tacos are not too difficult to prepare in a RV kitchen. Instead of using a packaged taco seasoning mix (usually containing chemicals, uber-amounts of salt and MSG), I've include a recipe for a simple taco seasoning mixture.

I'm so nice.

Saute a few veggies, stir in the sliced cooked potatoes, sprinkle the spice mixture over, stir and stuff into tortillas.

That's it - for your convenience, I have posted my recipe for Tacos de Papa/Potato Tacos here. The potato filling also makes a great breakfast!

Shabbat Shalom! Until my next update, I remain, your bracket-busting correspondent.

SLOGGER REPORT:  I started-out late this morning and it was too hot to run - outside - so I ran my interval workout on the treadmill. This was not a fun project and I'm sure all the exercisers in the fitness center thought I suffered from some sort of treadmill disorder. I paid them no mind and finished 3 miles.

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