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Pizza Night

Portland, Oregon:  First, an update on My Driver. He is doing so well. Off the pain pills (seriously, was Oxycodone really necessary?) and off the crutches. He is doing the limited physical therapy allowed due to the restrictions of his bandages, and icing nearly constantly. Putting full-on weight on his newly-repaired knee is allowed and he is doing as much as the pain will allow. Thank you all - so much - for all the encouraging emails. He really appreciates your good thoughts.

Me too!

Another quick note: I finally updated this little blog with the information and reviews of the hotels we used while on our trip to Europe last month during the World Track & Field Championships. I slipped it into a post on August 30th, and you can read the information here... or don't if you could care less. Trust me, if it were possible to have our motorhome in Europe, it would have been so lovely. But, alas...

Sunday is pizza night at our house and pizza means CHEESE... unless you are "observing" Vegan Month. Tonight I constructed a simple pie with red sauce and roasted peppers (red, green and yellow). Just for fun, I decided to make a vegan mozzarella, since I had all the ingredients in the house. We did not like the plant-based cheese, but it looked pretty. Next week, I will try a store-bought vegan cheese and give that a try. Or maybe no cheese at all, because how bad can homemade bread with a little sauce and veggies be, right?

My other option is to deem next Sunday "Popcorn for Dinner" night (and use margarine instead of butter).

The salad was good! The rest of the spinach from the Chinese noodle soup Friday, the rest of the olives and avocado from the rice bowls last night, a little cucumber and a little red leaf lettuce in a simple vinegar and oil dressing.

Another attempt at Italian tomorrow night.


Until my next update, I remain, your not-cheesy correspondent.