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Photos through the window + lasagna recipe

Corning, California: Just a long day of driving, Patient Reader. We had such good luck with the weather. The mountain passes had snow, but the roads were completely dry and clear! Traffic wasn't too heavy and we made good time.

Just in case there was any doubt from anyone passing our RV on I-5 today, I taped this little sign on the driver-side window. I lost count of the number of fellow Duck fans who honked, waved and physically draped themselves out the window to give us the "O" sign! Such fun! GO DUCKS!

The first pass, Sexton Mountain, found the roadside and nearby hills covered in snow. The road was fine. The cloud cover was so low and it was so dark - and it was mid-morning!

This was the worst weather we experienced all day - and it was just fine.

Siskiyou Mountain Summit - the highest point on I-5 - was also snow-covered...

... but the road was clear! For you non-locals... Siskiyou is pronounced Siss-Q. Easy. (Just fergettabout that whole "ki" thing in the middle of the word; Oregonians do.)

Pointing south and heading out of the Siskiyou Pass, the views are always spectacular - especially today with all the snow.

Just north of Lake Shasta, we saw the sun! It was a great day of driving. We only stopped twice. Once for a ten minute break in a rest area and once for fuel/lunch.

When I went to check-into our usual RV park in Corning, it was the first time I had stepped outside the motorhome since we left Eugene this morning!

After we set-up camp, all I had to to was throw my (pre-made) wonderful RV Lasagna in the oven and - 50 minutes later - dinner was served. Delicious. With just a simple tossed salad, we really had a gourmet meal with little effort. My Driver is tired and he is having a bit of trouble with his hamstring. I think he needs an ice bag and a glass of wine. Poor Baby.

Until my next update, I remain, your lazy, well-fed correspondent.

Learn how to make RV Lasagna - step-by-step - with photos!

RV Park:  Rolling Hills Casino RV Park. Self-serve check-in. Just like a parking lot. Pay $25 and choose your parking spot. Full-service. 50 & 30 amp. Casino next door with restaurants, etc. Quiet. Easy.