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Photo Shoot

Indio, California:  I want to clear something up right away. I am not paid to write this blog. I will not write a recommendation for a restaurant, RV park, shop, etc., unless I can truly recommend the business. It has to be a campground or restaurant I would visit again. And again. I will never recommend a campground or restaurant that I have not visited. (Come on! You know me better.) I am never compensated. Ever. This blog is my opinion. My slant. My view. Not that I am opposed to making money. I created and sell a fantastic blank RV Log Book and my RV Goddess website earns income through advertising and commission from amazon.com.

Often when I give a bad review for a campground or restaurant, the dissed business will contact me and ask that we come back for a free meal or a free weekend stay - to see if they can't change my mind. These ploys do not work and I always refuse. No, you have a crappy RV park/restaurant, why would we return? On the opposite end of the scenario, often I am thanked for a positive review and we are offered a free meal or free stay the next time we visit. We refuse these offers too.

Now you know.

On with my day... which was very busy. This morning I met with the event staff (with Lisa and Lenny) at the wedding venue. Everything is going well. The kids have planned a very personal and fun wedding. Also this morning, My Driver flew home to attend Olympic Trials meetings. Lisa and Lenny had to drive back to Los Angeles this afternoon, but stopped-by with Leo to say goodbye (and to fetch Reese). As long as they were all here, I thought a photo shoot would be a good idea.

Except the subject of my planned photo shoot was not cooperating! Little Guy was sacked-out!

Lenny and Leo

Hey! What's going on? Where am I?

What's all this green stuff?

I'm so cute!

Lisa, Lenny & both of their "boys"

Considering my entire family left Palm Springs today, leaving me alone, (wah!) I had a very wonderful day. Breakfast with DT, meeting with the wedding planner, an afternoon with Lisa, Lenny & Leo - then a lovely happy hour with my neighbor, Lois. The icing was Mary & Steve's youngest, Cory, texting me from Nevada that she had made my Chicken Tacos! Plus - Cory included a photo:

We gave Cory a grill for her housewarming gift when she bought her house a few years ago - and she used it to make the tacos! Wonderful. Until my next update, I remain, your bachelorette correspondent.

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