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Party Prep

Los Angeles, California: Dave and I flew to Los Angeles this afternoon to celebrate Leo's 5th birthday. I know. How is Leo already five? How is he starting kindergarten in a few weeks? Leo's birthday is Tuesday, but his party is tomorrow - Sunday. A very small guest list this year (his posse and his family) and the party will be at home.

I know y'all have been craving a photo of my short fat feet, so please enjoy. It is a "thing" to take a photo (to share on social media) of your feet on the iconic Portland International Airport carpet... and since I had a "Galactic Blue" Star Wars theme to my pedicure... well, I just had to share with the world.

They sparkle with glitter.

Be. Very. Jealous. (Of the pedicure. Not the short stubby feet.) So you do not have to email me: the shoe is the Naot Dorith Sandal, made in Israel. (My friend, Tamra, turned me on to this shoe, and I am so thankful to her.) I can wear the Dorith all day and my feet and legs are not tired at all.

So why, you may ask yourself, does a 60-year-old woman - who has never watched even one Star Wars film in her entire life - have a sparkly blue pedicure? Obviously, Leo is having a Star Wars themed birthday party!

Lisa asked me to prepare dinner tonight. She had everything gathered for my Fettuccini with Asparagus and Lemon and a salad with arugula, roasted beets, ricotta and pistachios - in a simple vinaigrette.

The ricotta on this salad is almond/plant-based from Kite Hill in Hayward, California. Delicious. I have used it several times now - no cholesterol, no sugars and all the fat is from healthy nuts.

Lucy, nearly 2, loved her dinner. Beets! Beets! Beets! Lucy is at that "no photo is ever in focus because she is always in motion" stage. Forgive.

Her Brother, however, is such a poser.

This is Leo in a Chewbacca/Jedi costume, with a Gladiator helmet and Bill Walton-esque tee shirt... and a Princess Elsa (Frozen movie) sparkly glove.

And later, posing for a photo to text to my sister.

After the kidlets went to bed, the adults did a little prep work - getting the back garden situated and then a little crafting for the party:

May the Force Be With You.

Until my next update, I remain, your "time is flying by" correspondent.