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Indio, California: More errands and personal pampering today - plus a little clean-up after a nasty wind storm overnight. The morning brought another warm day and no wind.

I went to see Henry. Long-time readers may remember my devotion to the best pedicure provider in the Coachella Valley... or possibly in all of California. Henry has moved to a new shop, but it wasn't difficult to track him down. Someone at the RV resort set me straight about one minute after we checked-in.

Henry is now at Super Nails, 760-777-7677 (in a little strip mall in front of the Wal-Mart in La Quinta) Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. How exclusive is that? Henry gives a somewhat painful reflexology-inspired foot massage that will have you walking on cloud nine.

More than you ever wanted to know about me?

I spent the afternoon relaxing around the RV, meeting our neighbors and their adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. (Don't forget, we travel with a full doggie treat jar. If you travel in a RV and are pet-free, you would not believe how many friends you can make with a doggie biscuit.)

A huge pile of red bougainvillea flowers had gathered on the water in front of our campsite during the wind storm last night. This morning, a crew was dispatched to scoop the canal clean. This is why the HOA's in this resort are around $500 per month. It is perfect 24/7/365.

There are a zillion fish swimming around in the canal in front of our motorhome.

We are not really sure of the breeds - there are several type of fish in the waterway - but they seem to be everywhere. Sizes range from little inch-long fingerlings to massive creatures over three feet long. I think the Loch Ness Monster may be wintering in Indio.

We even saw a fancy koi.

Wait. Did I ever tell you about the sign we saw on Highway 395 in California a few years ago advertising "Coy Fish For Sale"? I can't make this stuff up, people.

Most of the fish are the species in the above photo. Anyone? We have no idea. (NOTE: Reader Denise D., of California identified this fish as a Crappie - pronounced croppy. Thank you, Denise!)

FYI: no fishing is allowed in the canal. No swimming either.

DT, watching the fish in the canal.

Our beautiful view - all the way to Joshua Tree National Park.

We enjoyed a lovely Shabbat. Grilled cumin-rubbed wild-caught Sockeye Salmon, served on a bed of organic arugula. The side dish was whole wheat couscous and diced carrots in a roasted yellow pepper. Yummy. Low fat. Delicious. RV easy. We also had a bottle of dry, crisp French rosé wine. Maybe rosé seems a bit strange in early March - but it was 82 degrees today and rosé was perfect with our menu.

Until my next update, I remain, your pedicured correspondent.

RV Park:  Motorcoach Country Club. Without a doubt (to me - and don't forget, it's my website) the finest RV Resort in The World. Every available amenity. Golf, tennis courts, 3 pools, 3 spas, bathhouses, 2 laundries, fitness center, club houses, restaurant, bar, gated security, 2-mile waterway and wifi.