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Palm Canyon

Borrego Springs, California: We woke to this beautiful sunrise, but the sky was filled with clouds and the wind was really blustering. Rain was not predicted, so we continued with our plan to hike Palm Canyon in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park with Kathy & Woody.

Dave and I have hiked this canyon several times before. It is only 3 miles round-trip, but it is a bit of a difficult scramble in parts. A few boulders to get over. A few streams to ford-over via fallen logs or strategically-placed rocks. But at the end of the canyon is a gorgeous palm oasis around a pretty spring! We have even been lucky enough to see Big Horn Sheep around the oasis a few times!

Photos from our hike:

Dave and Woody start the climb up the canyon

Jimson Weed (datura wrightii) blooming in Palm Canyon

About one mile up the canyon, palm trees can be seen and the creek appears

The palm oasis at the end of Palm Canyon

And this gorgeous view is from near the top of the canyon, looking back to Borrego Springs

California Fan Palms - extremely rare in the wild, but common in garden shops & landscaping

Close-up of a palm frond

Pretty waterfall at the top of the canyon

Another view of the palm trees

We did not see sheep on our hike today, though a ranger said a few had been spotted on the canyon wall. We saw a few frogs, a few tweety birds and everyone (but me) watched a Prairie Falcon in its cliff-side nest. No matter how many times Woody tried to show me the bird nest location in the rocks - it evaded me.

No matter, I bought a photo of a Prairie Falcon (falco mexicanus) on iStock, because I wanted to see what a Prairie Falcon looked like you all to see what all the fuss was about.

Know what? The dang bird looks exactly like a falcon!

The Four Friends were out and about in Borrego Springs today! After our great hike, we went to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Visitor Center, then took a drive out to show Kathy & Woody some of the fun sculptures in the desert.


This statue always reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are.

Except this fellow really doesn't look very friendly. And he looks kinda hungry.

Speaking of hungry... tonight is our last night together for several months, so we celebrated with a fine dinner at the Krazy Coyote!

While wandering around the hotel lobby after dinner, we noticed an old advertisement for the hotel from the early 1950's. How about two nights in Borrego Springs, complete with meals and limo service from Los Angeles for $33 per person?

Heck, these days, you can't find a RV site in this town for less than $45.

Until my next update, I remain, your hiking correspondent.

RV PARK: The Springs at Borrego RV Resort & Golf Course. One of our very favorite RV parks on the west coast. Sites are large and each has a nice cement patio and picnic table. Cement 50 amp pull-throughs will full service. There are also different varieties of citrus trees all over, so you will never be lacking for a cocktail garnish in the winter. Slow wifi. Fabulous warm pool and many hot tubs - all from their own hot springs! Fitness center, library, community rooms. Regulation 9-hole golf course. Recycling. Huge fenced dog park! We are paying $64 per night for a "premium" site.