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Over the California Border

Corning, California:  No conference calls today, but we had a long day of driving (for us - 275 miles), so entered the interstate at 10 o'clock sharp.

Happily no excitement on our drive over the mountain passes and curvy roads around Lake Shasta. Our usual route; our usual over-night stops. No wind. Clear skies. No snow. Temperatures above freezing. The agent at the California Agricultural Station wasn't too interested in the produce we had in our refrigerator and waved us through... which means avocados (grown in California, purchased in Oregon) for our salad tonight.


We stopped at a rest area for lunch (left over butternut squash soup) and snapped this photo of a very snowy (FINALLY) Mt. Shasta:

There was a moment when we pulled into the check-in area at Rolling Hills Casino RV Park - only to see a "CAMPGROUND FULL" sign. Oops. We have never, ever, made a reservation here. This park is really large. All sites are pull-through. It used to have a kiosk (like in a parking garage) where campers put in a credit card and out popped a $25 parking stub, and you could occupy any open site. The sites were not even numbered. Now there is a check-in desk, sites are numbered and the price has risen to $28 - still a very good deal for full-service 50 amp service (though no cable, wifi or laundry room, and you have to go to the nearby truck stop if you want to use a bath house). Of course, there is a van cruising through the campground to schlep patrons up to the casino for gaming or dining. Never mind, it is a perfect over-night spot.

So, as we pulled-in and saw the "CAMPGROUND FULL" sign, My Driver casually mentioned he had made a reservation last week. What? He rarely takes on this chore, but happy he did. Dave said because it was a weekend, he wanted to be safe, not sorry. My Knight in Shining Armor - because the RV checking-in ahead of us was ushered over to the dry-camping area... and my radiant floor heaters really like 50 amp service.

All afternoon during our drive, we were trying to find information on the cross country meet, the IAAF meeting (Russia track team suspendes!) and then, horribly, terrible news about violent attacks in Paris. Our satellite radio did not seem to be working (repaired now; it only needed a signal refresh), but with twitter, CNN and BBC apps on my phone, we were able to keep informed. Such very sad news from France.

Our menu tonight featured enchiladas. Homemade (at home), thawed, covered with (canned, don't tell) enchilada sauce, cheese sprinkled over and baked. And, may I add, over-baked? Dang. A little too brown on top. Maybe not so pretty, but super delicious. Topped with sliced olives as a garnish.

Sorry shuttle bus. No casino buffet for The Taylors (again) tonight.

Until my next update, I remain, your "Praying for France" correspondent.

RV PARK:  Rolling Hills Casino RV Park