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Back at the Ranch

Lincoln, California:  Our voyage today was not long. Just a few hours to visit family just outside of Sacramento. We are lucky to have family (so close to I-5) who are willing to host us and feed us on our trek south. Dave's brother and his wife - Steve & Gina - live on a beautiful ranch outside of Lincoln. Horse property. Acres of fields, a pond and the most prolific orchards and garden in the entire State of California.

This the view from the house, west to the pond. Can you imagine waking up to this vista each morning? Or watching the sun set over this bucolic pond in the evening?

Gina roasted chicken (which she actually had to purchase), but every other food she served this evening came from her garden. She roasted butternut squash, red onion, beets and several varieties of peppers in a balsamic glaze.

Though the chicken and roasted vegetables were amazing, her salad of Napa cabbage, spinach, apples, walnuts and onion was simply delicious and stole the show.

Did I mention the Key Lime Pie made from their Key Lime tree? I know, it's like they live in a cornucopia of bountiful fruits and vegetables.

Typical veggie box from Gina's prolific garden

And they do! They supply local gourmet restaurants with organic veggies in trade for meals and wine. Gina sends boxes of veggies to the local food bank. Trades neighbors for meat, eggs, cheese and wine. She freezes. Cans. They eat very well from their gorgeous garden.

Not only did we have a great evening with family, the Ducks beat Stanford (at Stanford). During a football game. My Driver is very happy.

We will linger another day or so - more relatives to visit.

Until my next update, I remain, your well-fed correspondent.