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Our Week in Photos

La Quinta, California: It took several days for us to get re-settled after a few weeks on the road, and it has been over 100 degrees every day. Early to bed. Early to rise. Early to exercise.

But going to start off with a photo of the au gratin prepared with potatoes from Gina's garden:

Deceiving photo - small casserole, using only 3 potatoes

One night, the sky was so clear! We had fantastic vistas to the surrounding mountains (remember, we live in Mountain VIEW Country Club).

Wait? What is that in the fairway? Such long ears, I thought we had ourselves a kangaroo!

Only a coyote

Our new RV storage garage is complete and we are now in the escrow process (ugh). It is pretty fancy and we are most happy it will finally be ours... just in time for us to leave on a 2-month trip.

Air conditioned!
I just love the "art" in the office of the RV storage office.

A new recipe was tested with all the cherry tomatoes on our tomato bush tree. I'm serious about calling our tomato plant a tree. True, it is in a tall planter, but it has grown so tall, I can no longer harvest tomatoes from the top of the tomato plant! Can't reach.

My tomatoes + Gina's shallots and garlic

Super easy recipe: One-Pan Roasted Fish with Cherry Tomatoes from The New York Times. After reading through the recipe comments (I always read the comments), Kalamata olives were added. I used the entire sauce recipe, but only roasted two cod fillets. The fish was served on a bed of sauteed fresh spinach. A very delicious and healthy recipe - and super simple. I roasted the dish in our toaster oven.

When life gives you lemons tomatoes...

It rained Wednesday evening! So exciting. We could smell rain hours before it fell. (Lisa reported, from Los Angeles, terrible thunder and lightning and buckets of rain.) We could see black clouds over Palm Springs, (just west of us), and finally we had a few sprinkles at our house.

Raindrops keep falling on my pool...
Is that a rainbow??? WOW.

Notice anything odd about the tenth green? Our course is closed all week as the crew are aerating the fairways and re-doing the greens. It is a very fast process. Here are two photos, taken on the fun par-3 12th green:

Not a gigantic sand trap, but the 12th green covered in sand/seed mix
Same hole, three days later. Amazing. I'll be three-putting this hole next week.
You go, girl.

This weekend will be spent in front of the tube, watching the USA national meet from Historic Hayward Field. Top three runners, jumpers and throwers will represent the USA in the World Championships next month in Eugene. (We will be there... as spectators.) More excitement next week, as we prepare to hit the highway again. We will take 8-10 days to reach Eugene (having a mini vacay along the way), then spend 5+ weeks to get home.

Until my next update, I remain, your "send diesel money" correspondent.

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    1. I don’t have a recipe… but sliced three unpeeled gold potatoes and poached them for about five minutes. While potatoes are cooking, I mixed grated garlic, salt, pepper, maybe some onion powder, and nutmeg in about 1/2 cup cream in a small mixing bowl. After the potatoes cooked, and were drained, I tossed the potatoes in the cream mixture, along with a bit of shredded gruyere cheese, spread the mixture in a casserole, topped with more cheese and baked (375?) until bubbly. Let rest 10 minutes before serving. This is how I usually prepare au gratin potatoes, but the spices/herbs/cheese vary depending on the menu. Super easy and never any leftovers.

  1. Hi Taylors,

    Great to hear you are finally back home! Fun to follow the travels.

    Just curious, where is the R V Garage located?



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