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Our Bed & Breakfast (& Dinner)

While it has been quiet on this blog, it has been the complete opposite around our house. We have enjoyed a steady stream of houseguests. Friends and family. Cooking and cleaning.

One dish I prepared this week - Tuna Tacos, made with fresh Albacore - will be featured in the August RV Goddess Newsletter. The newsletter is emailed at the first of every month and has information of interest to RVers, fun links, me blathering-on about something, and a new recipe. If you do not yet receive the newsletter, sign up here. It is free and there is a handy unsubscribe link at the bottom of every issue.

We are not exactly apologizing to our guests for the state of The Manor, but we are covered in a lot of dust from the recent refinishing of all the decks. Our windows need a good cleaning (and will be next week), but the results are stunning. Our old Port Orford cedar (which is actually a cypress, unless you are Oregonian) decks have never looked better.

If you live in a forest in the Pacific Northwest, you are completely crazy if you choose wooden decks.

Just saying.

Every year or two they need to be refinished, resanded, resealed, restained or re-somethinged. It never ends.

But when everything is finished and the noisy/messy sanding machines are gone... and the seal/oil/whatever dries... there is nothing nicer than sitting outside on your shady front porch - or sunny back deck.

It's not only the Northwest that needs constant tending and updating. Down in SoCal someone has outgrown his crib and toddler bed.

Little Leo now has a Big Boy Bed.

Until my next update, I remain, your updated correspondent.