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Last night, our friend from college, Lisa - and her daughter, Hannah - arrived from South Carolina to stay with us for a week. Hannah is a senior in high school and is interested in a few Northwest colleges. Tomorrow they will head south to visit the University of Oregon. (GO DUCKS!) Hannah's Dad took her on a trip to visit East Coast schools; Mom gets the West Coast stint.

I cannot explain how we are grandparents and our same-age friend has a senior in high school. That is one of those mysteries of life.

Though they have several schools to visit in their week in Oregon, Lisa and Hannah saved today for us, so we took them out to the beautiful Oregon wine country for lunch at the Dundee Bistro, followed by a visit to Domaine Drouhin, a stop to the Oregon Olive Mill and finally to see the new Ponzi tasting room in Sherwood... you know... our usual wine country tour route. We should hire ourselves out.

Lunch on the patio at Dundee Bistro: Burger with truffle fries
and Pappardelle with lamb, tomatoes and kale

Lisa and Hannah at Domaine Drouhin

Sadly the clouds prevented our guests from seeing any of the gorgeous Cascade Mountains, save for the top of Mt. Hood - which appeared to be floating above the clouds. The temperatures rose to the mid-80's though, so we really enjoyed the sun and had a fine day in beautiful Oregon wine country. Even the 17-year-old non-taster had a good time, just loves Oregon and is very excited about exploring our college campuses.

Six hours of driving, dining, sun, heat and maybe the chilly rose, made us all tired, so returned home to nap and relax.

French cheese, Alaska smoked salmon, tomatoes, assorted
olives - and a little baked tofu with eggplant (why not?)

No one was much interested in dinner, so DT put together a little tray of delicacies, which we enjoyed on the patio.

Until my next update, I remain, your winey correspondent.