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Oregon Hood Strawberries

Every summer, the same cry is heard throughout the Willamette Valley – “Hoods are here”. Everyone knows what that means – the best tasting and most short-lived strawberry we grow in Oregon is ripe. This year the crops is good and it is also over two weeks early.

Small, sweet and perfect – Hoods from our neighbors farm

Hood strawberries were first popular for growers because they canned and froze well, but it is their sweetness and red-ripe color that has made the strawberry one of the most popular in our area. Only 5% of all strawberries grown in Oregon are the Hood variety, so when the call goes out (seriously, it is mentioned on local newscasts, newspapers and radio and farm stands all post huge “HOODS ARE HERE” or “WE HAVE HOODS” signs), we are all down to the local farm stands, farmer’s markets and grocery stores to get our precious ruby-red treasures. Actually, I can’t think of anyone who cans, freezes or uses Hoods for jam – most people just eat them fresh.

Our local market

Oregon Hood Strawberries

One reason they are so popular – red and ripe throughout

Even a perfect berry likes a little embellishment

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