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One Ton Tomato

Mother Nature does not read my blog. Nor does she "like me" on facebook. Mother Nature does not read my tweets. She does not subscribe to my rss feed. Mother Nature needs to step it up a notch. Plus, she needs a calendar. Or an iPhone with a weather app. Something. It is June. It poured rain ALL NIGHT. Seriously. Come on. Our creek is flooding. Enough already. We are tired of this 50-degree stuff.

I made a fire in the fireplace tonight.

Unsympathetic, I'm sure, to be complaining about rain, when so much of the country is dealing with devastating tornados, but rivers are cresting in Oregon. Flood warnings are up for the Willamette & Columbia Rivers. Crops are being lost. Roses are not blooming for the Portland Rose Festival. Come August, we are all going to be very happy for the snow pack in the mountains, but right now, everyone is tired of the weather, the rain and the flooding.

We need some sun. Oregon nuts, berries, stone fruits, wheat and apples need some sun. Don't even get me started on our pinot noir grapes. Certainly Mother Nature drinks wine?

We ate a little bit of sunshine this evening because I bought an heirloom tomato at our organic hippy market. Not only was this gorgeous $3 per pound tomato sweet, it was huge.

And by huge, I mean like massively huge. 2.2 pounds!

With a tomato this gorgeous, sweet expensive and ripe, it is best to leave the obviously other-wise occupied Mother Nature alone and simply dress the sliced tomato with good olive oil, salt and fresh basil.

It's not good to mess with Mother Nature... because she is clearly pretty testy right about now.

Especially when Dad & Mary were here for dinner!

I butterflied and roasted a chicken because that is just what I do when special guest are here for dinner. I'm sure My Dad can't even count the number of chickens I have roasted for him. I hope to roast many more.

After dinner, there was a strange occurrence. It stopped raining for .64 seconds and there was a sliver of sun shining on a few trees south of our property.

It only lasted a few seconds, and you can plainly see the sky is completely covered in the usual grey clouds... but for one moment today, it WAS NOT RAINING!

NOTE: Today was National Running Day. I guess I should have given you all a heads-up warning, but I forgot. I ran today... on our treadmill... THIS IS TOTALLY OFF-SUBJECT... while watching All My Children (which I have not watched for about two years, but dang, if that Jackson Montgomery/Walt Willey isn't still one of the most handsome guys on the planet except for DT & George Clooney, I don't know who is...). I started watching All My Children when I was in middle school - except then middle school was called Junior High - when AMC was a 30 minute show in black and white. Sad that the show has been cancelled. All My Children is presently filmed near The Lovely Lisa's home in Los Angeles and Lisa sees the actors often in shops, restaurants, dry cleaners, etc. No Oprah. No Erica Kane. What will become of daytime television? Hmmm? I don't know and I really don't care, because we rarely watch television these days unless it is PBS news or a ball game.

Until my next update, I remain, your rambling correspondent.

QUESTION: Do you watch television? (Answer below in the comment box.)