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One Day in El Lay

Indio, California:  Dave and I drove over to Los Angeles to spend the day with Lisa, Lenny and a certain little fellow we adore:

No, our grandson is not possessed by aliens. He is starting to try a few foods other than mothers milk. Two weeks ago, he tried banana. Last week he tried sweet potatoes. Today it was peas. Lisa makes Leo's food herownself. All organic. Of course. Leo puts it in his mouth, but he isn't exactly sure what to do with the food... but it all disappears, so I guess he is swallowing the new taste sensations. Leo gets very excited about food. This is the Taylor-side of his DNA showing itself.

When Leo saw Grandpa and I walk into the dining room this morning, he broke out into a huge smile and his legs started going like mad! Leo's hair is really growing and it is getting a little wavy. Since his mom, dad, and all his grandparents have curly/wavy hair, I guess the boy is going to be stuck with that option.

He just melts my heart.

Our beautiful daughter with her son.

We had brunch. We spent the day together. We went to dinner. Then DT and I drove back to Indio. A lovely day!

PS: About the puttanesca sauce I made yesterday... while removing it from the fridge to transfer to our cooler for the drive to Los Angeles, the lid slipped-off of the plastic container and the sauce hit the tile floor in our motorhome kitchen like a nuclear bomb. It exploded five feet in every direction. That was not a fun chore to clean, but I nearly cried at the demise of that lovely puttanesca and all those lovely tomatoes. Sad face.

Until my next update, I remain, your Leo-fixed correspondent.

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