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On Task

Los Angeles, California: Since we lost one day due to our canceled flight, Dave and I had to cram two full days of chores into one day. We had a very busy day.

Leo is on school vacation this week, so Lisa scheduled an intensive one-on-one swim class for Leo. First thing this morning, Leo was in the pool. (It was 82° in Los Angeles today.)

Little Leo is very good at kicking, holding his breath, "diving" down to fetch toys from the steps to the pool and making the usual "swimming" motions. However, he is lacking the skill to hold on to the pool rim. Can't quite grasp (pun intended) this important concept yet. Not to worry. Pretty sure Leo will not go off to college flailing about near the pool edge.

Lisa is a good swimmer and I hope these early swim lessons will give Leo a life-long love of the water. I brought Lisa to a pool when she was 6 weeks old (mostly because she was born in The Philippines in August and I wanted to get in the pool). By the time we had moved to Taiwan, Lisa was the best bottom-of-the-pool coin-fetcher in her pre-school swim class. The French swim instructor, Yves, (always attired in the smallest Speedo imaginable) adored Leeeza and called her My Leetle Feesh.

Merci, Yves!

After swim lessons, we switched off cars. Bubba and I took Leo to his weekly gymnastic lesson while Lisa went to a brunch party. After gym class, Bubba and I took Leo to lunch at Fred 62 so I could have that fabulous house-cured pastrami short rib sandwich Leo could get his beloved pancake.

Some pretty serious coloring occurred.

The second the pancake was delivered, Leo poured the syrup over and started eating his pancake (with his fingers). Three minutes later, the pancake was finished. Swim class + gym class = HUNGRY BOY.

Get in your car. Drive to Los Angeles. Eat this sandwich.

The day was half-over and Lisa's to-do list was still a mile long. I minded Leo, prepped dinner, did laundry (washed the bedding for the bassinette!) while Lisa and her Dad checked-off task after task! I went to Goodwill twice. DT went to the hardware store once. Every light bulb in this old house (not kidding, about 15 different types) is working. A car can now fit in the garage (their 80-year-old-house came with a one-car garage), the recycling bin is bursting, the nappy-changing table is ready, new (PINK!) clothing hangs in the nursery. A baby girl is coming soon!

Anyone remember a similar trip we made to Los Angeles nearly exactly three years ago?

By the time Lenny came home from work, everyone had tidied-up and was ready for dinner. Lisa cooked the prepped meal, Leo had a bath, everyone read him a book and we called it an early night.

Until my next update, I remain, your helpful correspondent.