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Olympic Trials: Day 6

TrackTown, USA: Our day started, again, by needing to stow everything so we could move our bus across the interstate for yet another repair. Well, this time, not so much of a repair as a software upgrade on our Allison transmission at the Freightliner dealer. We left the motorhome at Freightliner and met Mary, Steve, and their youngest daughter, Cory, and her boyfriend, JR, at a local brewpub for lunch before heading to the track. Today was the earliest start so far and we found our seats were not yet in the shade. It was 93 degrees today.

The weather has turned brutal, so hot in fact, they have moved the women's 10000m final from the last event tomorrow night, to a special 10 o'clock start tomorrow morning. The race is free to anyone who wants to attend - then they will clear the stadium to admit ticketed fans for the afternoon session (that thankfully starts well-after our seats are in the shade). Temperatures are predicted at 102° Saturday and 111° on Sunday, the final day of competition. Are you all watching the recaps in the evenings on NBC?

This afternoon at the track, USATF gave retired Oregon coach, Bill Dellinger, the 2021 Legend Coach Award. Please click on this link to learn more about Dellinger's "legendary" life. An amazing man (Dave's college coach), Dellinger has done so much for the sport and the University. Dellinger is third from the left (in USA shirt) in the photo below:

Now aged 87, and not in the best health, Bill was all-smiles as the crowd roared and clapped their approval and appreciation of this extraordinary man as he accepted his trophy.

Only two finals today. Mason Finley, Reggie Jagers, and Sam Mattis will be the USA Discus team in Tokyo. Finley won with toss of 211 feet, 11 inches (63.07 meters). All three men have met the qualifying standard (62 meters) needed to compete in the Olympics. Hillary Bor, Benard Keter, and Mason Ferlic are our men's Steeplechase team. There was happily no drama in this race today, but the Oregon Duck did not make the team. Sadly, one of America's best steeplechasers, Evan Jager (silver medalist in Rio) is injured and did not compete. Sad face.

We were anxious to watch the men's 1500m semi-finals. Both races were good, with so many current/past Ducks in the event. Matthew Centrowitz won his heat and will be in the final Sunday. Matthew finished easily, just a step ahead of Oregon freshman, Cole Hocker. I wish you were able to see the smile Matthew gave to Cole at the finish line. Ducks flock together.

3rd lap of the race - Centrowitz in second position, in white jersey
Cory and JR (he's 6'-9" - I knew you'd ask) at Historic Hayward Field

The competitions ended early tonight, which was a good thing as we had to go fetch our bus at Freightliner. After all our expensive repairs and maintenance bills, we were so very happy to learn it only cost $111 to have our Allison transmission updated. Then we reversed our route, returning to the RV park across the street, and set up camp. Again.

Then began the process of cooling-down our poor motorhome that had been sitting out in the sun all day. We had cocktails outside in the shade, as it was cooler outside than inside! Dinner was easy - I heated a pasta sauce (from the freezer) I had made with Italian chicken sausage, chopped veggies, and Roma tomatoes from our garden) and served it over a package of store-bought cheese tortellini.

It was served with feta cheese garnish and a salad.

Tomorrow: no repairs. Just track and field. Until my next update, I remain, your hot correspondent.

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  1. Ya gotta love Oregon, first you needed to buy rain gear and now it’s sunscreen and sun hats!

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