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Oh, deer

Sometimes when we walk out to the road to get the newspaper, we meet our neighbors.

These particular neighbors had spent the night - hidden under the very over-grown shrubberies and trees in the driveway circle. (Don't worry, pruning begins in a few weeks.) They like to sleep here - and they like to sleep in the tall grass in our field.

Mommy and baby

Make that babies

Don't you think... since we let them stay here free... they could do a little pruning? Chomp down some of the grass in the field? The deer were friendly for a minute, then crossed the field (I like to call it a meadow) and headed into the forest. They will spend the morning - on our property - eating free (organic, by the way) food.

Too bad they won't eat poison oak.

Well, good morning to you, lady... but we have things to do, grasses to eat and naps to take.

(The field was mowed this afternoon.)