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Nothing to Report

TrackTown, USA:  I can happily write this evening there is nothing to report on this blog. (Nothing to report is a very good thing when you are driving a 45-foot motorhome down the interstate freeway.) Though quite chilly overnight in The Eug (34 degrees!) we were toasty-warm under our duvet with the radiant floor heaters on the "Planet Mercury" setting. Not to mention, it is easy to sleep with a belly full of lasagna.

Our tech, Brian Van De Walker, of Coach Solutions, arrived early this morning to tweak our slide room. Over time, the rollers on our slide room have smished a bit. Could be the heavy load? My fat bottom? All the furniture on our slide? Whatever, after eight years... Brian adjusted the rollers, added a few more rollers, and we are now "ready to roll" - so to speak.

Brian sent another guy over in the afternoon to adjust our new windscreen wipers. They seemed to be bowed just enough that the area directly in front of My Driver's eyes was not cleared of rain drops by the rubber strip on the wiper. Now fixed... so who is placing bets we will not have rain all the way to Indio?

There was a lot of waiting-around today and a lot of needlepointing occurred. Idle hands and all that. Dave had meetings, so was in and out all day.

Dave returned just in time to fetch me for dinner with our friend, Vin, at Marche. We just love this little place in Eugene - they specialize in local meats, produce and seafood and showcase Oregon (and French) wines.

Tomorrow our motorhome has her annual check-up at Cummins. Lube, Oil, Filter. We are thinking the RV has only been driven 3000+ miles since her last checkup in December 2014, and we should probably skip this annual exam... except it is always good to have all the pipes, hoses, pumps and valves inspected. Tires kicked. New oil. Engine pressure-washed.

Another busy day of waiting around scheduled for tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your Eugene correspondent.

RV PARK: Premier RV Park. I-5, exit 199. Large paved pull-throughs. Back-in sites line a small lake. Laundry, fitness center, club house, bath house, recycling, small store. 50 amp, free wifi. This park is very popular with campers in the area for repairs/maintenance at the many nearby RV facilities. We paid $51 per night (and had one night free via our frequent-flyer punch-card).