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Busy Waiting

View from our campsite this morning

TrackTown, USA:  We enjoyed a leisurely morning (if you count running in the rain as leisure) as the motorhome did not have to be over to Cummins NW for her check-up until noon. We handed-over the keys to the techs and were told to fetch our bus before five o'clock.

First stop - Cafe Yumm! for lunch... and really not so much for lunch, but as an excuse to purchase a few jugs of Yumm! Sauce for Lisa. I write about this local chain often, as I really super enjoy their bowls - rice, beans and various toppings. With chicken, tempeh or tofu added, the bowls (topped with tomatoes, sliced avocado, black olives, cheese), and Yumm! Sauce drizzled over, makes for a perfect meal. Healthy. Low cost, mostly organic and so delicious.

I can't tell you how much I miss my Hot & Jazzy Yumm! Bowl with fried tofu cubes while we are away from Portland. 

Nearly as much as I miss my Tacos Gonzalez while we are away from Indio.

After lunch we picked up a few things from Costco and then I dropped DT off for meetings about the USA Olympic Track & Field Trials (which will be held in Eugene 1-10 July 2016). While Dave was in his meeting I picked up a few groceries for our southerly trek (which re-starts tomorrow).

Our motorhome was ready at 4:30p. The techs at Cummins found no issues. Standard lube, oil, filter and generator service. $900. Not exactly like taking the sedan to Jiffy Lube, eh?

Though we had previously decided to go out to dinner, it was decided we could not afford it finishing the lasagna would be more prudent and easier. Zapped in the microwave, with a tossed salad.

We were tired.

So our adventure really begins tomorrow. We are so excited to head south, hoping to escape snow over the mountain passes and arrive to visit family in Central California next week. We take it slow and steady. No huge mileage days. No deadlines.

Until my next update, I remain, your Eugene correspondent.

RV PARK: Premier RV Park. I-5, exit 199. Large paved pull-throughs. Back-in sites line a small lake. Laundry, fitness center, club house, bath house, recycling, small store. 50 amp, free wifi. This park is very popular with campers in the area for repairs/maintenance at the many nearby RV facilities. We paid $51 per night (and had one night free via our frequent-flyer punch-card).