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Not-So-Subtle Reminder: Get a Mammogram!

Now that I have your attention, here is my annual cleavage-filled reminder to schedule your mammogram! This simple life-saving test takes only thirty minutes of your day. If you cannnot afford a mammogram, there are many programs that will pay for the test. There is no excuse to delay! Gentlemen, please remind the women in your life to schedule a mammogram. Get squished. Now.

And another reminder, because you may have become confused due to the above attention-grabbing photo... women have breasts because:

(This is not Leo, but a photo I purchased to make a point)

We ladies need to take care of ourselves. So many people depend on us and our unlimited talents. As we say around these parts: Just Do It!

We are at T-minus-1 (day) before we leave for the winter. It has been a crazy-busy week, but things are really coming together. We do have one little problem though - weather. It has been dropping down to the low 20's overnight and items are freezing (actually) in our motorhome (parked in the driveway)! Our dishwashing liquid actually formed strange globular balls inside the bottle. A virtual sage-green winter wonderland.

We have been running the generator a few hours during the day to keep the batteries charged up... but for some reason, I am not afraid of things in our refrigerator becoming too warm.

And this is the busiest time of the year for The Camping Journal RV Log Book sales. Because of larger than anticipated holiday sales on amazon.com, I had to order an emergency stash this week (in my spare time) and received the order this afternoon from my publisher.

300 books

Even though our country is suffering through a recession, there is still room in many budgets for a fabulous $20 RV gift!

DT and I set up an emergency work station in our inventory control center butler's pantry to package the books in cellophane bags for retail sale.

You may notice one small difference in the two above photos. It is because tonight was our annual Holiday Office Party! Every employee! Yep, the entire office: which consists of myself and my unpaid intern, DT. I arranged for world-renown singer Jimmy Buffett to appear at our office party on my iPod, and served lovely wine to the office staff. It was a fairly subdued event. Santa did not appear and no one Xeroxed their backside on the copier because we do not have a copier.

But after our "office party" ended, DT and I had packaged all the books and we called it a night.

I made my intern take a cab home.

I leave you with one cute photo of Our Sweet Leo.

Until my next update, I remain, your cellophaned correspondent.