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No News + Big News

Canyonville, Oregon: I have never been so thrilled to be driving on I-5! Absolutely NOTHING traumatic occurred. The wind did not roar. It did not snow. No hail. No thunder. Zilch on the lightning. Just a peaceful cruise.

It was awesome.

We stopped at our usual spot, just north of Weed, California - with a great view of Mt. Shasta - for a rest and had that yummy rice & bean combo from last night stuffed into tortillas for lunch. We stopped later for fuel, and then turned into the Seven Feathers RV Resort at exit 99 in Southern Oregon and called it a night.

You may recall, since we had been over-indulging the past few weeks and eating too much flesh many meals in restaurants, I had planned all-vegetarian meals for our trip back to Oregon. We have dined very well the past three evenings. Tonight I made a pot of Hot & Sour Soup. This super-RV-easy soup requires only one pot and little attention. If you do not use tofu very often (or are completely skeptical) this is a great recipe to give it a try again. Be sure to buy firm or extra-firm tofu, and nothing will happen if you use chicken stock (instead of veggie stock) in this recipe - I do quite often. It adds a rich depth and is what is most often used in Taiwan, where I learned to make Hot & Sour Soup. I could not find shitake mushrooms at the grocer in Las Vegas, so bought everyday white mushrooms and the soup was just fine.

No, not fine. It was absolutely delicious.

Plus, it is so pretty.

Guess what's on the lunch menu tomorrow?

So that was our boring day, but things are pretty exciting for Kathy & Woody - their #1 daughter, Kelsey, delivered a healthy baby girl! Ailise was born in England, where Kelsey's husband is attending grad school.

Having babies overseas is very normal for our crowd. Of the 9 children Kathy, Mary & I have, only three were born in the USA. We are most pleased to have a baby girl join Leo and Will in our ever-expanding "family of friends".

Most of us at the wedding of Steve & Mary's #3 Chris to Laura on 15 September in Portland, OR

Until my next update, I remain, your elated correspondent.

RV PARK:  Seven Feathers RV Resort. I always say this, but Seven Feathers is one of the nicest RV parks in the country and we usually use it as an over-night stop as it is only 4 hours from our house. Everything is top-notch here - especially the indoor heated pool and spa. The resort is across the interstate from the tribe's casino, hotel, convention center, theater and restaurants, and is about a quarter-mile up a hill, so no freeway noise to interrupt your slumber. Canyonville is really small, but has a decent grocer and a few good restaurants if you want to stay away from the busy casino. There is also a full-service truck stop/coffee shop. We paid $35 - a great deal - for a paved pull-through 50 amp, full-service site. Their wifi is fast.