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News Around the Island

You know it is going to be a good day when a tech shows up at your door, repairs your laptop in fifteen minutes and leaves without presenting a bill. Yeah! I just love SONY. My laptop had a recall on the cooling fan because it sounded exactly like the space shuttle at lift off.

Except louder.

Sony sent Chris, from Smart Lab Computer Repair, to our house this morning. Chris removed about 3000 screws from the back of my Sony Vaio and switched-out the clunker fan for a sleeker, shinier, more powerful and whisper-quiet fan.

And then he was gone. Poof.

I continued my office purge and trip organization bender. I think our paper shredder may run away during the night in protest.

You can see from the above photo that we have a circular driveway. It curves and you probably can figure that our motorhome does not. DT, My Driver and Best Husband EVER (BHE), has agreed to go fetch the Magna Peregrinus tomorrow and bring her up to the house so I can organize everything for our trip with ease. This is no small feat, but since we recently had the trees in the driveway circle trimmed, maybe our non-bendable RV will squeeze into the driveway without receiving scratches!

Is it hot where you are? It is still hot here. Want a ten minute recipe for dinner you can prepare hours ahead? Try my Gazpacho recipe. It is actually good for you. Vegan even. Delicious. Pulse the ingredients in your blender or food processor and "it's soup" in seconds.It's pretty too.

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.