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Needlework Delivered

Portland, Oregon: Another quiet week around this blog. It isn't quite quiet around here, but just a little sad after a wonderful five days with DT's college roommates. As soon as they left, and the house was set right again, we dove-right-back-in with our purging and home repair projects.

Lisa's closet cleaning left me with a stack of report cards. To scan or not to scan? Still deciding. They are all the same in elementary school: meets/exceeds all subjects... and all the same in high school: A's and a few B's. Unless Our Dear Girl is due to be appointed to the Supreme Court, I can't see these marks will ever be needed or questioned. Lisa also found many more photos to send to the professional scanner dude. Will it ever end?

I am down to just a few more projects to finish-up before we head south again. Yes, it's that time again. Yeah! The leaves are turning, the weather is turning. I am anxious to return to the desert.

Speaking of the desert, there were many needlepoint canvases stitched over last winter while we were relaxing in Indio. We also had a lot of friends having babies, which obviously requires a lot of stitching. (As Lisa always says: There is nothing children enjoy more than needlepoint!)

I should just shred all her junk.

So here are more photos of needlepointed pillows that have recently been delivered to their new homes. I find the "just right" canvas and fiber, do the stitching, choose the fabric/trim, then send my projects off to a wonderfully talented woman for finishing. She creates beautiful pillows from my simple stitches.

This was a fun project, stitched in Silk & Ivory (a blend of 50/50 silk and wool made in Switzerland), in delicious-sounding colors, such as Peanut Butter and Curry, and was set in Thai silk fabric. This (fairly large) pillow now resides in Chicago.

Keeping with the Judaic theme, this Jerusalem pillow was also stitched in Silk & Ivory, using just a few colors and was framed in blue velvet. This pillow now resides on a sofa on Long Island. 

And now onto the nursery. So many babies this year!

I love stitching a duckling for a future Duck! The hat was painted blue, but when I learned the baby was a girl... such is the art of needlepoint. This pillow is in a nursery in Colorado. The duck is also stitched in Silk & Ivory.

What baby wouldn't love a purple silk elephant pillow, Lisa? This canvas was stitched in Vineyard Silk, set into a fun velvety green fabric, and trimmed in red cord. The sex of this baby was unknown at the time of stitching, but it now lives in the nursery of a beautiful baby girl in London.

Bow Wow! This little pup, also stitched in silk, was made for a baby boy just down the road.

And this cheeky monkey is for a baby girl due around the middle of October... which also just happens to be around my birthday. (No pressure there, Momma!) Stitched in Silk & Ivory as well, and set in some of my favorite fabric. This little girl already has two big brothers, so I was very excited to stitch in pink for this family.

There are new canvases to be stitched this winter while in Indio, and I am anxious to begin new projects.

Until my next update, I remain, your callused-fingered correspondent.