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Nature Park Update

The temperatures dropped to the high 80's-low 90's today, so we took advantage of the cold snap to take a walk around the trails in the just-completed Cooper Mountain Nature Park near our property. While we were away for the track meet in Eugene, the park held their Grand Opening! (Read my 25 May or my 15 June Nature Park updates.) Cooper Mountain Nature Park features over three miles of gravel paths, a nature center, picnic facilities, rest rooms, parking and a play structure - all set in the quiet countryside just a few miles from civilization.

New addition to the play ground area - a Conestoga

Informational signs

Shady picnic tables

DT heads out to the trail system

The paths are marked with new signs

One of the very few shaded trails - most are in the open

Put your ear up to the horn to listen to the birds!

The bridges are complete now

The pond is nearly dry

Most of the trails look like this

The most abundant plant? Poison Oak! It is EVERYWHERE!

Another photo of the backside of DT -
this time with Madrona

Africa or Oregon?

The thing about Cooper Mountain Nature Park - it is situated on the south side of Cooper Mountain and there isn't a flat spot in the park. The trails will probably will not be popular with runners, but we walkers/hikers really enjoyed our tour today. However, My Driver went on a five-mile run (on nearby flat trails) before he went on a four-mile hike with me. Factor-in the heat and, well, someone is going to bed very early tonight.

There is nothing like a good meal after a lot of exercise and there is nothing like a margarita on a blistering hot day. We met our friends for tacos - the perfect end to a wonderful day.

Until my next update, I remain, your hiking correspondent.