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National Parks-Themed-Room update

This weekend My Driver and I finally put the art (and art-like items) back on the freshly-painted walls. The room is becoming rather welcoming and we are actually going in there to watch television!

Our wall decor situation

Okay, so maybe not too exciting to you... but as I stated before, DT just loves Yosemite and he just loves Ansel Adams. We have had the two large prints for years. Just a few years ago, Lisa gave the two small pieces to her Dad for Father's Day - they are actual photographs, printed from negatives, taken by Ansel hisownself! Quite precious from Our Precious.

The bison painting is an original by Richard Kirkman. He is famous for his postage stamps of water fowl... but I guess he likes the big beasts too.

A gift from DT's family - you can almost hear the bison snorting

And just for fun, and because I have nothing else to do than fiddle with Photoshop... here is an idea of how the room will look when the vintage National Parks/WPA print is returned from the extortionist framer next week:

I don't think the print will be this bright... but you get the idea

Maybe we should require hiking boots and cargo shorts to enter the room?

It was just too hot this evening to prepare the gigantic zucchini (in the method I have chosen) Mary gave us yesterday. I will make this dish tomorrow - heat wave or not - though. DT drove me to the market today and they had fresh line-caught Chinook for only (gasp) $17.99 per pound. We bought a small fillet and I served it over a classic agrodolce (red onion in a balsamic reduction) sauce. It was lovely... on the deck... of our new tree house.

Sweet. Sour. Divine.

Until my next update, I remain, your sweet and sour correspondent.