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My Tuesday

Kris and Delaney were flying back to Denver this afternoon, so we had lunch at Cafe Yumm!, since we all had been raving about Cafe Yumm! to them all week. They were not disappointed with the quality of their rice bowls.

Hot & Jazzy bowl with tofu

We Three Ladies had lunch for $22. Can't beat that. If you are ever anywhere between Portland and Eugene, I urge you to find yourself a Cafe Yumm!.

Our niece and sister-in-law

Our gorgeous family - Delaney & Kris.

Meanwhile... back at the ranch... guess what??? It is time for the usual deck refinishing! Oh My Goodness, this thing just goes on and on and on into infinity. And Beyond.

Using Port Orford Cedar on our deck was either the best or worst decision we have made as homeowners. Apparently this stuff is harder than diamonds. It does not like varnish, sealer, oil or any other type of stuff which has been applied. Best part? No matter - the wood will outlive us even if we live into the next century.

Still, our deck guys keep us in good shape. Sadly, we are having perfect weather but cannot use our decks because they are still "wet"... i.e. have yet to absorb the latest treatment.

Our covered front porch - with the 20-year-old cedar - sucked-up the treatment and is now available for rocking, contemplating and cocktail-sipping.

Until my next update, I remain, your sticky correspondent.