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Most Eligible Bachelor

Los Angeles, California: Dave and I escaped the madness that is Coachella for a quiet (ha) weekend with our family in Los Angeles.

We harvested another "crop" of 'maters from our three-pot garden before we left Indio. I just love all the fruit we are getting from our three little plants - especially since one of the pots holds a dusty old Roma tomato bush still producing from last year! If only all my $3 investments had such prolific pay-outs.

Tempting as it is to remain in Indio and listen to the music float across the polo fields onto our campsite, there is something just a bit more alluring in Los Angeles:

Passover is over. The kids have returned from their week in DC and Little Lucy (blow-up your screen, get out your magnifying glass and your reading glasses) has a tooth!

I have said this before. I will say this again. Get yourself some grandchildren.

So. Much. Fun.

Here, DT poses with all of our grandchildren - Lucy (nearly 8 months}, Leo (nearly 4 years) and Reese (the curly-mopped mutt in the middle, 11 years).

I know. How did Reese get so old?

Today was a rare day, where everyone else was off doing other things, so I had Leo all to myownself. Just Leo and Bubbe! We really made a day of it and I must say - bragging - the Little Guy was in Fine Form. Really on top of his game, being a super grandson all day.

Before leaving the house, I asked Leo to "straighten-up the toy room while I straighten-up the kitchen" - so everyone could return to a nice tidy home later in the day.

A few moments later, I was so impressed with Leo's tidying skills, a photo was actually snapped and text-messaged immediately to his Mom and Dad.

Leo and I headed over to a local mall where we admired the landscaping, water fountains and ponds before having a post-Passover carb fest at an Italian joint.

How many women get to lunch with the "most eligible bachelor"? Leo asked today, "what is a bachelor" after he chose this ensemble for our date. I told Leo it usually refers a "man who was not yet married" (realizing the yet was a questionable addition to my definition), and watched as this information went into his brain... circulated through Leo's assorted filters, encyclopedias, memory banks, storage areas, language sieves, file drawers, junk drawers, dictionaries, dream catchers and machines... until I heard Leo state he is getting married one day.

After the Most Eligible Bachelor tossed a few coins in the mall fountain, he had a pizza and gelato at lunch. Next we went to see Home (a very cute and mercifully short animated film from Dreamworks).

Photos of Leo at lunch and then on the drive home, post-film.
Afternoon with Bubbe. I still have it, peeps!

Leo was asleep when we arrived home and it was all Lenny could do to get him up and lively enough for a bike ride before dinner.

Until my next update, I remain, your "my hands are in the air like I just do not care" correspondent.