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You may notice a few changes on the ol' RV Goddess website lately. Deciding to go plain and simple... I simply removed the foo-foo. Maybe next week, I will add the bling again. Who knows? Anyway, a little change is good. And I like to keep my readers guessing. Especially since today is my birthday and I have been feeling a bit mossy.

I suppose I could use all sorts of metaphors about being in the "autumn of my life"? I like that my birthday is around the Jewish New Year. Harvest. School starts. Another New Year for me. New Beginnings.

Vine Maple

I have grey hair.


I'm over-chubby.

Vine Maple

And then there is gravity.

Vine Maple

But I just don't work that way. I just see pretty leaves. Truly, I suck at the entire metaphor thing. I am just happy to celebrate another trip around the sun - and happy and blessed to love and be loved.

I had three visitors this morning:

Free buffet lunch: they never eat the poison oak though

Pretty Momma

The little baby is so pretty


Oops! I've been spotted - they are on alert

Lady? Why do you take so many photos of us?

So sweet

Back to My Day.

DT gave me a new tea kettle, as our old tea kettle died. Hubby didn't know he bought me a new tea kettle until it showed up on the porch (Amazon.com, of course) this afternoon, but he was very pleased with himself just the same. Wasn't it ironic that I was drinking a cup of English tea when an email arrived declaring I had won 1.5 million English Pounds Sterling? I did the math (well, I didn't do the math, I used a calculator) and my lotto prize equals $2,295,809.81 US dollars! Woo Hoo! (That's millions for the comma-impaired.) Drinks are on me! This couldn't have come at a better time too - I haven't had an unknown Nigerian relative die in a plane crash - leaving me millions - in months.

Could my day get any better?

Yes! I ran two miles (without stopping). Which is a good because My Loving Husband brought me two (one for each mile) chicken strips as he knows the deep-fried treats are irresistible (as he is) to me. Later DT took me to dinner with friends at one of my favorite restaurants! Since it was My Birthday, and I was able to choose My Favorite Cake... so I baked my own and carted it to the bistro. Aren't I terrible? Well, I wanted a good cake - so I baked my Ricotta Cake. Yummers. When Dave sent out the invitation he specified "no gifts, unless you want to give me something". Dang if he didn't garner a basket of wonderful gifts from our friends... including a lovely hand-made needlepoint pillow - from Nancy.

I hope DT gives this pillow to me

A wonderful birthday.

Until my next update, I remain, your mossy correspondent.