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More Cauliflower

Indio, California:  Today brought the best weather we have enjoyed in a quite a long while. The temperatures rose to the low 80's and there was no wind! Just perfect. We both went on long runs and enjoyed coffee in the sunshine.

As I have written previously, we have started plotting-out our plans for a little casita and covered "living" area with a local contractor. We met again today and spent quite a bit of time with a measuring tape and going to other lots in the resort to see examples, samples and get ideas on how to spend even more money. Our conversations resulted in this initial concept:

Pretty plain, yes. We are thinking of going with brick. The casita will have a full bath and under the covered area will be a small kitchen counter. The rest of the room will be open - with a fireplace and TV. The sides feature automatic drop-down screens, and the end-wall (facing the water) will have a folding glass wall. Three hundred changes will occur before Arnold Castro, of Desert Isles breaks ground on our winter parking space. I will continue to post photos and a floor plan as soon as they are available.

All this activity and using our brains - math! - was too much, so at 5 o'clock we paused to enjoy the sunset, the still night and our ever-glorious vista.

I made a very different appetizer tonight from the February 2012 Bon Appetit magazine - Poor Man's Shrimp Cocktail - which was a great way for me to use up the rest of the cauliflower from last night. The recipe calls for poaching cauliflower florets in a broth flavored with Old Bay Seasoning, onion, garlic and lemon, then serve the cooled florets with a cocktail sauce. DT said it did not taste like shrimp to him, but thought it was still good. I haven't had shrimp in a zillion years, and can't remember. Anyway, the recipe is easy, fun for people with shellfish allergies, is RV-kitchen-friendly and is sure to cause interest at your next get-together.

DT said shrimp is better than cauliflower

But after a cauliflower "steak" last night and cauliflower "shrimp" tonight, I was a nice wife and fed him a New York strip steak and tossed greens tonight. Well, I wasn't thatnice. We split one steak. 

Until my next update, I remain, your carnivoric correspondent.

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