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Monday with Leo

Los Angeles, California: We spent the day with Lenny, Lisa & Leo. The weather was spectacular, so we loaded up the baby - and his considerable paraphernalia - for an afternoon at The Americana in Glendale. This new complex houses shopping, dining, condos, hotels, cinemas and anything else you could imagine. Next year, a fancy newNordstrom will open at The Americana.

Our first order of business was lunch. We dined at Trattoria Amici - a lovely Italian restaurant featuring northern Italian cuisine. Lisa's friend works at Trattoria Amici and he guided us through the menu (and wine list), so we all enjoyed lovely meals. Little Leo slept through the entire experience. Leo seems to check-out completely when the noise level turns to din.

Beef meatballs with peas at Trattoria Amici at The Americana.

Mushroom Pizza

Our food was just outstanding and it was so pleasant to dine on their shady patio. A great lunch! Later, we did some shopping, walked around the complex and ended the afternoon with an ice cream at the new LA Creamery... where Lisa went into labor just a few weeks ago!

As a matter of fact, I think Lisa's water broke while she was chomping down on a scoop of "Boozy Breakfast" - vanilla ice cream with Kahlua and Grapenuts. LA Creamery is over-the top. They use milk and cream from a local organic dairy. Everything is made from scratch on-site. You all know I just love this. This afternoon I had one scoop of Salted Caramel ice cream. It was as rich as butter. Tomorrow I will have to run back to Oregon (instead of fly) to make-up those calories.

See you in four months.

Sleeping Again

I had THREE different emails from friends and family today complaining wondering if Leo was ever awake, as most of the photos I post of Leo are with his eyes closed. In Leo's defense... he is usually asleep or dozing. He is less than 5 weeks old. Babies sleep most of the time. In my defense... when he is awake, Leo is moving constantly and so difficult to photograph!

Leo is just starting to respond to smiles and kisses and voices and noises. Now, when Lisa bends over and kisses him and her hair touches his face, Leo will (kinda) smile.

Video proof:

Leo is fascinated by his Momma.

Isn't everyone?

Eyes Open

Until my next update, I remain, your smiling correspondent.