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Monday Funday

Los Angeles, California: For some reason, the LA school district has a three-week winter break this year, so Leo and Lucy do not return to school until the 13th. Lisa and Lenny had to go to work, so we agreed to stay several days this week with the kids, so they will not have to spend the entire week with their babysitter (even though they all love their babysitter).
Sherman Oaks Magic Castle
We took the kids to the Sherman Oaks Castle Park, which is oddly operated by the City of Los Angeles parks department. This facility houses an arcade, picnic grounds, two miniature golf courses, and a batting cage. The park is a popular spot for birthday parties.
Moat around the “castle”
Lucy, the golfer
Bubbe, the golfer
Leo, golfing at church
Lucy lines up a putt
Bubba, the golfer
After playing 18 holes, we took the kids inside to the arcade, where they managed to burn through a large chunk of change, only to come home with teeny crappy plastic junky toys. Lisa just hates teeny crappy plastic junky toys, but Leo and Lucy had so much fun earning their prizes.
Zombie zapping
Virtual reality snow bunny sledding thing
Leo, racing a car through the streets of Osaka
On the way home, we stopped for a late lunch at our favorite pizza joint, Tomato Pie. The kids always order the ”tomato pie” pizza... which is only flat bread with marinara sauce and a sprinkling of Parmesan. I always order the Syracuse (the owner is from Syracuse), which is basically Buffalo chicken wings on pizza. The slice on the right is Mr. White - a pizza with mozzarella and ricotta. After Leo finished his tomato pie, he took down a slice of Mr. White as well. The little guy is finally getting an appetite! Later, Bubba and Lucy spent quite a bit of time creating a “village” with MagnaTiles and Lucy’s figurines. It was epic. We are going to lay-low Tuesday, but have a big adventure planned for Wednesday, so stay tuned. Until my next update, I remain, your sub-par correspondent.