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Mesquite, Nevada

Mesquite, Nevada: We had a short drive today, north on I-15 to Mesquite, Nevada - just a bit south of the Utah border, and about 90 miles north of Las Vegas. We have checked-into the Solstice Motorcoach Resort... except there are RV's of all types camped here, so it isn't motorcoach exclusive... the creek is "broken"... and though their website claims they are the most luxurious RV resort in the western United States, we all know this just isn't true.

The setting is just lovely though, with beautiful views over the town of Mesquite and the mountains beyond. Someone was in our reserved campsite when we arrived, so they just put us a few sites down. No problem. Our site is full-service, 50-amp and faces straight off a cliff.

But I'm thinking there is at least one RV resort in the western US that is a bit more luxurious. The Solstice RV Resort doesn't even have a swimming pool.

After settling in, we drove down the hill to see the little town of Mesquite. There are a few casinos, and a few casinos that have been abandoned. Mesquite Flats was settled by Mormon pioneers and they worked hard to create irrigation canals that were often washed-away by floods, but finally figured it all out. Renamed Mesquite, the town is home to not only casinos, but world-class golf courses and a The Wal-Mart. We did the walking tour of the historic sites, but of the 24 points of interest on the tour, most were empty lots with a historical marker stating: Mr. So-and-So built a house here in 1901... or the ancient home would be gone, only to have an office building in its place.

The Rock House, circa 1880 is the oldest standing house in Mesquite.

Still, we saw the town, leaned some history, visited a new recreational facility above this RV park - 5 soccer pitches - and scoped-out possible places to jog in the morning.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing in the shade created by our motorhome, enjoying the gorgeous view from our RV.

After our indulgences the past few evenings, I was most happy to cook tonight - Filipino Chicken Adobo. I really need to write the ingredients down and post this delicious recipe on this website ASAP. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs are marinated overnight in vinegar, soy, garlic, black pepper and bay - then simply poached in the marinade. Chicken Adobo is the "national dish" of the Philippines and on my usual rotation.

And - TA DA - we had tomatoes from our little garden in Indio tonight. They were delicious, sweet and meaty. True "vine ripened" flavor. They were served with a little chopped cucumber, olive oil and black pepper.

Seems we are not the only ones enjoying vine-ripened tomatoes this evening! Captain Jim and Mary sent a photo of one of tomato plants bursting, and another of the fruit Mary harvested this evening. Enjoy, Dear Friends!

Tomorrow, we golf!

Until my next update, I remain, your vine-ripened correspondent.

RV PARK: Solstice Motorcoach Resort. RV resort over-looking Mesquite, Nevada. Their website states "motorcoaches only", but there were rigs of every type during our stay - including C-Class rentals - so call ahead. Full-service sites, clubhouse, rally facilities. No pool or hot tub at this time. We paid $62 per night.