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Eugene, Oregon: We are on the road!

We said goodbye to Taylor Manor (and our house sitter said hello).

And we moved into our beautiful motorhome!

Home Sweet Home

Okay. I will admit we didn't make it very far. Only two hours south to Eugene. DT has meetings all day tomorrow (he is not helping to organize the 2012 Olympic Track & Field Trials which will be held at the University of Oregon) and we will continue south Wednesday morning.

So here we are again at Premier RV Resort - our home-away-from-home during the University of Oregon football & track season.

Do you like our new decal? Just kidding! I do love My Ducks, but I just added that little decal (with Photoshop) for your amusement this evening.

And mine.

As is my custom, I usually like to "name" our long RV tours. Most usually with a title of a Jimmy Buffett song that has some-sort of meaning to what I hope our trip will represent. This tour has been coined the Mental Floss Tour. Why? Well, first off, the Let's Get Drunk & Screw Tour didn't seem appropriate on a mostly-family-friendly website, and songs referring to drinking alcoholic beverages are generally not a good idea on a trip involving a lot of time behind the wheel. (But, boy oh boy, does Mr. Buffett have a lot of great drinking songs.) Caribbean-flavored songs were out. Catholic-inspired guilt songs? Nope. This trip needed something fresh. New. Clean. Time to forget about 2010 and look forward to a new year.

We needed a little Mental Floss. In one ear and out the other.

So there you have it, Dear Reader. It's the best I could do. I only have 284 Jimmy Buffett songs in my iPod.

Listen to Jimmy Buffett's Mental Floss
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After settling-in to our campsite, we headed out to meet Oregon track coach Vin Lananna and his charming wife, Elizabeth, for dinner at Beppe & Gianni's. We enjoyed great food (as usual - this place is great) and Vin told us many interesting and hilarious stories (about track & field... maybe not everyone would have enjoyed the stories, but we trackies surely loved every word). Just the evening we needed to start our trip out on the right foot.

In case you have not heard - Mr. Lananna has been selected to coach the US team at the IAAF 2011 World Track Field Championships in Daegu, Korea. This is a huge honor and we are very excited for Vin and are expecting a great meet - and we are planning to attend the meet next August!

I certainly hope Jimmy Buffett writes a song about kimchi right away.

After returning to our motorhome, we found we had no power. Not just us - the entire row of campers had no power. (We were not sure what was going-on, as we stay here all the time and have never had a power issue.) Luckily there were plenty of empty campsites, but it was not a fun chore moving campsites at 9 o'clock at night. In the dark. 37 degrees. 

DT sliced his finger open. On the sewer hose.

I sunk up to my ankles in mud. In my brand new fancy Italian leather boots. Rat farts.

Our second campsite also had power issues, so we moved to a third spot and finally are settled down for the night. (Crossed fingers.)

After all that, I needed a little mental floss... and a cocktail. Until my next update, I remain, your well-flossed correspondent.

RV Park: Premier RV Resort. I-5, Exit 199, just a few miles north of Eugene, Oregon. Full-service sites. (Except for tonight.) Fitness center, pool in season, club room with fire place. Across the freeway from Country Coach, Marathon, Monaco, Cummins and Freightliner. We are paying $35.