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Meghan is Married

Los Angeles, California: Before the wedding, Dave and I had the afternoon to explore Long Beach. We walked around downtown and found a restaurant for lunch.

Long Beach

We had a nice outdoor table at King's Fish House. The red canopy gave us a rosy glow and we had an interesting view across the street to BoBeau restaurant - which had some sort of wall covered with succulents.

Fresh rock fish with corn just-cut from the cob

After lunch we crossed the street to examine the succulents:

Interesting... but it looked better from across the street.

Long Beach waterfront

We continued our walk after lunch, heading down to the waterfront to spend the afternoon at the Aquarium of the Pacific. I had visited before (with Lisa and Leo), but DT had yet to see the exhibits. We had half-price coupons! The aquarium currently features jelly fish from different regions of the Pacific.

The jelly fish just fascinate me - sorry to post so many photos. We watched divers feed fish in a large tank, while standing next to a man who is a diver/fish feeder for the aquarium. He said he has to buy new protective gloves every few weeks - those rays have very small, very sharp teeth! Normally bottom-feeders, the rays are trained to hang-out along the glass wall for food, to entertain the customers!

We had a great afternoon at the aquarium, then headed back to our hotel to get pretty for the wedding.

Meghan (Dave's niece) and Jamie were married on a terrace overlooking the water, with views to the city of Long Beach. I will post just a few photos - I was too busy dancing to use my camera:

Brother Billy is looking very happy. It was a beautiful and fun wedding. Congratulations Meghan and Jamie!

Until my next update, I remain, your "Meghan's Married!" correspondent.