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March Madness Begins

Indio, California: I really do not have much to report. We seem to be in a rut of coffee + emails + exercising, then tacos somewhere, and relaxing the rest of the day. Apparently, this is called "retirement"? The weather just could not be better.

I did want to share this photo (above). It is a Palo Verde (Parkinsonia florida) tree in full bloom. The tree translates from Spanish to "green stick" in English. The bark on the tree is green. Really a gorgeous tree but super messy and possibly the reason I sneeze twenty times each morning? The trees are in full blossom all over the Coachella Valley at this time.

And since it is the first day of Spring, here is another pretty flower photo, snapped via my phone on my four mile jog "around the block" yesterday:

I can't even count all the tomatoes on my vines now. They are going crazy. Every morning we wake to more and more little green tomatoes.

Mary and Captain Jim came to our campsite to watch the Oregon v BYU game today. I made another batch of the SW BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad (that doesn't even need chicken to be delicious - the dressing is the best thing about this salad). This recipe will be shared (I have made it six times over the past month!) in the April RV Goddess Newsletter, so be sure to sign-up to receive the free newsletter. If you do not like the once-a-month emailed newsletter, there is a handy unsubscribe button included with each issue, and your email address is never shared, sold or whatevered.

To accompany the salad, Mary & Captain Jim brought three small flatbreads, each covered with a different topping (spinach & feta, rustic olive, pesto) that they discovered on a trip to Costco this week. The flatbreads were like mini pizzas.

The Ducks won and will face Wisconsin Saturday.

If you have been anywhere near a television or computer today, you know the NCAA basketball tournament is in full-swing. I had a very good morning in my two (no-money-bet/just-for-fun pools, as I chose Dayton to win over Ohio State. I have slid a bit with my other choices this evening, and my eyes are about to pop out of my head from watching so much college basketball... but honestly... this is just one of my favorite times of the year. Not only do we get to watch college hoops, we get to watch college hoops outside.

Lisa & Leo went to NIKE TOWN in Los Angeles this afternoon and Leo was excited to find a Duck mascot on the first AND second floor of the store. Leo climbed all over the manikins wearing Duck uniforms.

Oh those ears!

Cutest BOY ever is coming to see his Bubbe this weekend and Captain Jim is going to take him on a boat ride.

Until my next update, I remain, your Mad-About-March correspondent.

SLOGGER REPORT: 4 miles yesterday around the block and three miles this morning inside the resort. Listening to Mr. Buffett while I jog this week - he inspires me! (And I am referring to Jimmy, not Warren - because I am already out of the Billion Dollar Basketball Pool.)

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