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Madera Canyon

Tubac, Arizona: The temperature dropped to around 28 degrees overnight! The tile floor heaters do a pretty good job of keeping our motorhome warm, but I had to go find my slippers last night. A cold snap is covering the entire SW for a few days.

Our plan was to hike in Madera Canyon today, but just like the day before yesterday when the rain storm hit - the weather made us decide against hiking. Instead, we drove up the canyon to see what we could see. It was so cold, My Little Honda flashed a warning light to us about low tire pressure. This is the first time we had seen this warning light (the car is 4 years old) and actually had to fetch the manual to decipher the message.

What? Is that snow? Yes - and probably hail from the terrible hail storm a few days ago. It was 36° in Tubac and Green Valley, but the temperature quickly dropped to 26° as we climbed up into the canyon, at 5400 feet elevation. There wasn't a cloud.

Madera Canyon is on National Forest Service land, so our National Parks Pass gained us admission. Still, we are in Arizona:

I am wondering if maybe someone could edit this sign? I read it to mean that while you are poaching it is illegal to use a firearm within a quarter mile of a building.

The road follows a dry streambed up and up on a narrow winding road. There is a campground, so we drove through and examined the sites. DT swears he could wrangle the Magna Peregrinus into a few of the campsites, but I am praying he never feels the urge to test his presumption.

Madera Canyon is most famous as a bird-watching haven. Over 350 species have been sighted in the canyon. In the spring and summer, the canyon is home to fifteen different hummingbirds!

One exciting spring visitor is the foot-tall Elegant Trogon. This photo (left, by BirdImages) is of a male Elegant Trogon. The birds live mostly in Mexico, but visit this teeny area in southern Arizona. Hopefully, one day DT and I will spot this stunning creature.

We did find a few critters in the woods this morning.

We saw several turkeys - male and female.

Many deer.

Girls and boys.


And this gorgeous creature, who is either a bluebird or a Mexican Jay.

After spending the morning in Madera Canyon, we headed back down to Green Valley - and a balmy 36 degrees - for more Mexican food.

Ho Hum

I had a chicken taco, but DT ordered Chili Colorado (beef stew). The meat was a bit chewy, but the sauce was divine. I'm thinking of making this dish soon. Remind me, will you?

In sporting news - there were great updates all day from the University of Oregon as to their football recruits, but all I cared about was the news football stars LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner are going out for track again! GO DUCKS!

This was our last day in Tubac. We came down here for two nights and we have been here for ten. Time to hit the road.

Until my next update, I remain, your Tubac correspondent.

RV Park: De Anza RV Resort - pull-through and back-in full service gravel sites. Cable, free wifi, bath house, laundry, indoor salt water pool, hot tub, community room, TV room, gated security. Lots of fun here. We paid $40.