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Lunch in Sonoma

Napa, California: After such a big day yesterday, we took it a little easier today. Of course, we ran on the trails in Kennedy Park before starting another day of eatingtouristing.

I am thinking of phoning the Napa Police Department and suggesting, if they want to fatten their purses, they should just walk down the trails in Kennedy Park and write citations for people walking their dog off-leash, no pooper-scooping or people exercising their dogs on the soccer and baseball fields. Seriously, these people have to pass five signs saying to use a leash and keep dogs off the playing fields and playground. Apparently these rules do not apply to their dogs? And if everyone alwayspicks up their dog poop, why is there so much dog poop everywhere? How gross is it to let your dog poop on a soccer field or playground?

Rant over.

It was decided to drive over to Sonoma and walk around before having lunch.

Cute shop signs along the square

Sonoma is home to the Mission San Francisco Solano, site of the northernmost Franciscan mission. (If you are interested to see more photos and learn more about the mission, I toured it with a professional guide in 2008.)

Mission window

We decided on The Girl & The Fig for lunch, one of our favorite spots on the town square in Sonoma. Today we shared a cheese plate and then dove-in to delicious entrees and Fig Royales (champagne with a little house-made fig liquor). Always a good meal at The Girl & The Fig, but dang if The Girl didn't have a lot of pork on the menu today.

We walked off our lunch and then drove back to Napa to visit Rancho Gordo. If you like beans like I like beans - this is your spot! I bought Cassoulet Beans, Yellow Indian Woman Beans, Black Calypso Beans, Garbanzo and Midnight Black Beans. Get ready, crockpot!

Until my next update, I remain, your "full of beans" correspondent.

RV PARK: Napa Valley Expo RV Park. Our favorite campground in the area. Long paved full-service pull-through sites with 50 amp. Bathhouse, laundry, free wifi, lawn, picnic table. At the fairgrounds and just a short drive to downtown Napa. We paid $45 per night, with a Good Sam discount.