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Lunch… and a RV trip in our future

Repairs, remodels and redecking are basically finished. We feel the need for a little relaxation. Most people would relax on their new deck.

But we are not most people. We are RV people. When we want to kick-back and relax, we hit the road in our motorhome. Besides... a crew is arriving next week to seal our new deck, so we won't be able to use it anyway... so we may as well get outta Dodge during this sticky ordeal. My Driver and I have a wonderful 8-10 day RV itinerary planned, so check back for that little adventure... which I have already dubbed our "Coastal Confession" Tour. (Details to follow...)

In the meantime, a girls gotta eat.

It has been so miserable-hot here in Oregon (shhhh... don't tell anyone Oregon has an occasional rain-free day), we decided to have our "dinner" at 2p. This way, we enjoy the (new) deck before it is too hot to venture out of doors and avoid having to cook during the hottest part of the day (5 to 6 o'clock in the afternoon).

Sliced tomatoes, dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper

That wonderful Barley Salad from Food & Wine last year

With a piece of grilled herbed chicken

Our luncheon was very relaxing. The hummingbirds practically landed on our heads and we were serenaded by songbirds, with Flickers on percussion. Lovely meal.

In the "I am a Geek" Department: I set-up a wireless bridge thingy to our new television. I ordered the contraption (Linksys by Cisco WET610N Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band) from amazon.com and in about fourteen minutes it was on my porch. After only a short set-up procedure, we were able to view internet widgets (weather, stocks, headlines) on the TV - plus we can now watch videos, television shows and HD films on demand over our household wireless network! Very cool. (Okay, we will probably RARELY use this function, but I still find it very cool.)

I think I am ahead of my time. If I catch-up to myself, I will let you know... or my future self will telephone telex fax email text twitter your future self.

Until my next update from the present, I remain, your futuristic correspondent.