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Happiness is finding the right bag

Frequent readers of this blog know that I recently took the plunge and upgraded to a digital SLR camera. The photos (even with only reading through the instruction manual just a bit) are a huge step-up from my little purse-sized point-and-shoot or high-zoom cameras.

But, possibly you can notice the other huge step-up? The A700 is simply massive - and very heavy - compared to the teeny cameras I am used to carrying. What's a girl to do?

The A700 came with a square-ish camera bag. I have been toting this camera bag all over the place for the past month or so. It is very uncomfortable. However, all the equipment - including the three lenses - fit easily inside the bag... but it is bulky - I did mention square - and it says SONY all over the bag (even on the strap) as in "come steal my Sony camera".

A friend suggested the LowePro Slingshot.. You wear the Slingshot cross-body, in a backpack style, but the bag flips to the front of your body in a second and you can access your camera equipment without having to remove the pack! Very clever. I went to our local photo shop and bought one. Just love the look and the idea. My equipment fit perfectly inside the bag - I was so happy... until I put it on. The wide strap cut awkwardly across my chest pushingahem part of me into my left armpit until I resembled some sort of backpacking photo-journalist/geriatric bondage porn star. DT said he would not go out in public with me if I had that contraption strapped-on my back. It was returned to the store. But if you need a very good quality and well-designed back pack/bag for your camera equipment - and you are a guy - I highly recommend this fabulous pack.

Third time's a charm? Yes! Happiness is a Tenba Messenger. The Tenba Small Messenger looks like a basic messenger bag - except this sneaky little bag has a padded divided insert designed to hold your camera, lenses and other paraphernalia. Plus, the insert slips out in one piece, so you can remove the camera equipment and use the bag as... well, as a messenger bag! Again, all my camera equipment fit easily inside the insert. The padded strap fits normally - and comfortably - across my chest and the weight of the camera virtually disappears. There is even room in the bag for my laptop and anything else I would need for a full-day out exploring. Plus, the Tenba Messenger bag looks like a messenger bag - not a camera bag.

I think we have a winner!

We are heading out to unexplored territory in a few days - RV trip!. This will be the perfect opportunity to test carrying my camera equipment everywhere I go and test the new Tenba Messenger.

Until my next update, I remain your "always carry a camera" correspondent.