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Lucy is Six Months Old

Los Angeles, California: Where does the time go? Our Little Lucy is already half-a-year old! She went to her pediatrician this morning and was pronounced perfect and 13 pounds.

Here is a photo of her brother at 6 months:

And, again, Lucy from yesterday:

I do see similarities, but they are so very different to me. Lucy is also nearly ready to balance herself while sitting up:

She can roll over - belly to back, back to belly, left or right. Genius! Her most adorable personality trait is her constant smile. Every time she locks eyes with someone, she bursts into a huge grin. Then her legs and arms start going like she hasn't seen a soul in years. Lucy is so easy-going, calm and happy - and always dressed like a Princess.

Another busy day. Doctor appointment for Lucy. School for Leo. Lunch out after school (special treat on days Bubbe is visiting) and a play date at the park.

What? No tacos? Nope. Today I had a rice and bean bowl with all the fixings.

Leo the Lion

I forget sometimes how much imagination kids have. Today, Leo was a roaring lion, a tightrope walker, a dinosaur, a Princess, a super hero, a baby, Olaf, Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull. And that is all I can recall - and does not include all the characters he must have adopted during his time at school.

A flyer was received in the mail about the new Disney film, Cinderella, coming out in a few weeks. The multi-fold full-color advertisement has barely left Leo's hands. He can't wait to see the movie and doesn't understand why he can't go NOW... and since this is Los Angeles, bus stops and billboards are already plastered with posters of the pretty Cinderella in a flowing blue gown. Horses. A Prince. Mice. Evil Stepmother and Stepsisters. Fairy Godmother. Cinderella is played by Lily James (Cousin Rose on Downton Abbey). Advertising to 3 year olds is quite the racket.

It is Chinese (Lunar) New Year this week, so tonight Leo bowed to me and asked (in Chinese, with a little coaching) for his red envelope, stuffed with two $1 bills cash. Leo and I dined on delicious Taiwanese food for dinner (while his parents went out to a fancy French restaurant for a delayed Valentine dinner). I managed to keep the house from falling down, supervising two kids (and the dog) for two hours!

Until my next update, I remain, your tired correspondent.