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Little League Day Trip

Indio, California: Even though we are busy getting ready to roll north, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to watch Leo’s Little League (Coach-Pitch) game in Los Angeles this afternoon. We drove over to catch the game and see the kids. Lisa is out of town this weekend, so we were able to keep an eye on Lucy while Lenny coached The Rockies.

Lenn gives a last-minute pep talk.

Leo covered second base today.

Someone had her shoes on the wrong feet!

Miss Lucy

Lenny waving to Lucy, while Leo prepares to hit.

Leo bats, runs, and is out on first.

Two, Four, Six, Eight… Who do we appreciate? The Mets! Runs are not tallied in this league.

Before moving on to the pizza portion of this column, I need to share a photo taken at the game last week. It was taken by the mom of Leo’s teammate – and she is a professional photographer. It is an amazing shot of a very happy boy and his dad:

Though it seems Leo just hit a grand slam, Leo was out at first. Celebrate anything. You only get to be seven once. What a wonderful photograph.

After the game, we went to Tomato Pie Pizza Joint for pizza. This is our favorite pizza place in Los Angeles, and we must have eaten their pie a hundred times. They have a super thin-crust pizza that only has red sauce and a light sprinkle of Parmesan cheese that our grandkids adore.

Leo wanted to pose with his tomato pie:

No idea what this pose is about, but his sister copied the stance. Of course.

Lenny and Gramps had slices of mushroom pizza, and I had a slice of the Syracuse (the owner’s home town) pie: Buffalo sauce and chicken.

Then we said goodbye to our family and pointed the Jeep back to Indio.

Until my next update, I remain, your “I wrote this on my iPad while DT was driving home” correspondent.

RV PARK: Motorcoach Country Club

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