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Life in Los Angeles… and Eugene

Los Angeles, California: Lenny is away for several nights, so I am staying with Lisa and the kids. Lisa probably does not actually need my help, but I am here just the same.

Flowers to Lisa from Lenny

While I am in Los Angeles (not helping very much), DT is in Eugene (in our motorhome) handling a tailgate party for 30+. He is marinating and grilling chicken (without any help from me) and preparing a fruit salad by-his-own-self. Dave has taken-on this task as fellow-tailgaters, Woody and Kathy, fly-out Sunday morning to visit their eldest in England.

We are a busy bunch. Tomorrow the #3 Fighting Ducks will face the #7 Michigan State Spartans. The game will be shown on FOX (3:30p pacific), and ESPN GAME DAY will be in Eugene reporting college football news all day. Every fall, it seems Oregon is the epicenter of college sports (cross country running & football). Speaking of Oregon, the internet was ablaze today with a video made by Oregonian Mat Kearney - GO DUCKS:

I may be strange, but I especially love the shout-out in this video to Oregon track & field (with the Steve Prefontaine footage) and a split-second cameo of Phil Knight.

Lenny's family spent last week in Los Angeles to meet their new granddaughter and they collectively decided Lucy looks like her Bubbe. I told Lucy of their opinion and this is the look I received: Oh, well...

Until my next update, I remain, your Los Angeles correspondent.