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Portland, Oregon:  We did enjoy a very lovely Rosh Hashanah celebration. I served the same old thing I serve every year - My Beef Brisket. Tradition is tradition, plus it is a super-easy and make-ahead meal. Enjoyed only once a year, makes it more special.

We started the evening with smoked salmon canapés - pumpernickel bread, a little cream cheese, dill, smoked lox, red onion and capers - served up with a lovely bottle of bubbly from Wente (given to us by Lenny & Lisa). Used the fancy plates and crystal.

The old-school brisket was served with mashed potatoes this year, but as always, with carrot "coins" to symbolize wealth in the new year. Our "salad" was apples and honey. We also had an apple, walnut and honey cake (a work in progress) that was enjoyed by guests. Thank you very much for the honey, Louise!

Typically, on the second night of the New Year, I roast a chicken. Not this year. Since I had roasted the soy sauce chicken Saturday, it was decided to mix up Jewish New Year with Chinese New Year and make a huge bowl of steaming chicken noodle soup with the remaining Soy Sauce Chicken. Plus, our weather has turned nasty. Cold. Rain. Wind.

The chicken bones were boiled for several hours in chicken stock and the remaining sauce and scallion oil from Saturday. The steamy broth was strained and poured over hot Chinese noodles and any chicken that remained after our meal Saturday night. Additional fresh scallions were scattered over the top.

Dang. I may have enjoyed the soup "leftovers" more than the original dish. The aroma! There was a lot of depth in that broth.

That little three-pound chicken fed us well. Four people for dinner Saturday, fried-rice for lunch on Sunday, and two bowls of soup on Monday - and enough left for lunch Tuesday.

I told you I hate to waste food.

Until my next update, I remain, your thrifty correspondent.