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Goodness, Dear Reader, I am over. Left-over. Done-over. Hung-over. Run-over. Probably some other overs that I can't recall at this time because I am too done over.

Or is it over done?

Probably the tryptophan speaking. I've been main-lining tryptophan for days.

The 2010 tailgating season is behind us. Now we wait to learn our bowl game fate and then make our travel plans to head south to warmer climes in the Magna Peregrinus never to return until spring.

Rose Bowl or BCS Championship Bowl? It's up to the boys in Green & Yellow to determine. Saturday. December 4th. 12:30p pacific. Corvallis, Oregon. Nationwide on ESPN. The Civil WarESPN College Game Day. DT is over too, because we are going to stay home and watch The Civil War on TV. (Something about a predicted 38 degrees and rain in an uncovered stadium in Corvallis.)

Today was my time to clean out the fridge. Time to finish the turkey. Time to reorganize.

Hanukkah begins in a few days!

I sauteed chopped onion, diced carrot and potato in a little olive oil and tossed it with frozen peas, the rest of the turkey breast and the rest of the gravy.

Then I placed the conconction in a casserole and topped it with the leftover dressing. It was a really messed-up turkey pot pie. Baked for 45 minutes, it was a puffy, delicious, savory casserole. 

Just what this girl needed.

Until my next update, I remain, your over-stuffed correspondent.