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Leap Day

Indio, California:  Happy Birthday to my two favorite "eight-year-olds" who are turning 32 today - Sasa & Jesse!

To celebrate Leap Day - here is a video (from 1991) of Mike Powell breaking a 23-year-old record:

Here is something else to get you all excited:

This pretty billboard has gone up all around The Great State of Oregon! Go Ducks!

We had a very quiet day. After exercising, we spent necessary time soaking our old bones in the hot tub and had a bit of sun. DT worked all afternoon. Boo. 

I had emails from readers in Oregon with snowy photos attached. I had emails from my brother in Bend, Oregon complaining about all the snow. It snowed at our home in Oregon today. My response:

Pretty flowers along the base of the palm tree on our lot.

Our neighbors have gorgeous flowers everywhere!

Remember the little herb garden I planted last week? This thing is feeding several small countries now. (Note the shiny tire!)

All-in-all, a very nice day in the ol' trailer park. How was your Leap Day?

Until my next update, I remain, your leaping correspondent.

SLOGGER REPORT:  I took a big "leap" today and left the resort for my jog. I jogged around the block. Doesn't sound very impressive unless you know most blocks in the Palm Springs area are a mile long. I was chugging along at a fairly reasonable pace (for me) when - BOOM - humiliation! Passed by a walker. To double-whammy my ego, the offender was a teeny little Filipina. Shorter than me. Blazingly fast. Talaga! It is my fantasy she is in the desert training for the Philippine Olympic Race Walking Team... but I'm pretty sure she is just a young mom working-out while her kids are at school. 4 miles.

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